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Diploma In Architecture Engineering

This course is based on the job required to perform by the Junior Architect/Draftsperson (Diploma engineers) at different levels of public and private sectors physical infrastructures development related architecture engineering works in Nepal. The curriculum is designed to provide knowledge and skills focusing on architecture Engineering related to the occupation. This course carries huge scope in present days and future.

Diploma in Information Technology

With the increasing development and the popularity of Information and Technology, the world is taking a giant leap towards another awesome technological world with each passing year. The process seems unstoppable and is advancing even more for the better tomorrow. Information and technology contributes a lot for the development of a society and a country. Today the world is a single global village because of information and technology. We have listed a few career path in IT students can purse for a bright future. • Software Developer • IT Business Analyst • IT Officer • Web Designer • Network Administrator • Database Administrator • Database Developer • Mobile Application Developer • Network Security Specialist